As part of my summer residency at the Art Gallery of Ontario I have set up a uniform factory in the Community Gallery (located in the Weston Family learning centre where admission is free).  This space acts as: an installation, performance space and training facility for the upcoming Nuit Blanche project Made it then, Make it again.  This twelve hour long production is a choreographed and romanticized dream of manufacturing as a fulfilling occupation and means to personal and social well being.  Along with Naomi and Josh Hall, we will involve over a hundred volunteers as workers and illustrate the production of fabric, ceramic, metal and paper objects.

We are currently recruiting volunteers, please contact us if you are interested in participating.  Three and six hour shifts are available.  This is a great opportunity to learn how everyday objects are made.

Thank you to Ryerson Polytechnic University for generously loaning us the machines for this project.